We are exploring and introducing you various charms of wine of Georgia, where is said to be the birthplace of wine.

Georgia is said to be the cradle of wine. Traditional Georgian wine is made by a clay vessel buried in the ground, which is called qvevri. This method is used from 8000 years ago to the present time, and registered as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. Although Georgia has small land which is smaller than Hokkaido of Japan, it has various climate and culture in each region. There are also regions which have their own languages. Lifestyles of people differ from region to region, and you can see different winemaking method and grape varieties. In rural areas, wine is made on a daily basis in each household from ancient times, and closely related to their lives.
One bottle of wine has various attractiveness and its own stories, so it would be a waste to lump each wine all together just under the name of “Georgian wine”. And we think it is the very basis of the attractiveness of wine in Georgia.

We are exploring Georgian wine, along with beautiful traditions and cultures in Georgia.


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